The business operation strategy and technology

has a lot of friends in the business to help read this article about the rural electricity supplier, have to help entrepreneurs ask message: "I want to do the electricity supplier, but I do not understand the Internet technology, what should I do?" asked others to help entrepreneurs said: "what is there in the crash, can make we thus zero based people can operate the electronic commerce?"……


since the "Internet plus" is elevated to the height of the national strategic level, both the government and the media, enterprises, or public, have started the development of the Internet, e-commerce into a hitherto unknown attention, watching the rising of the retail electricity providers, see around more and more people to join the online shopping fling caution to the winds go forward with great strength and vigour. The face, like a raging fire of the electricity supplier market, people began to calculate the business interests, many entrepreneurs are planning how to from the popular industry in a slice of


but for most people, because they do not have Internet genes, no relevant network technology, although the electricity supplier so hot, you can only feel powerless and frustrated and helpless! Should be friends, this time to help entrepreneurs with actual work, focusing on the basis by cutting out the superfluous matters involving friends out for e-commerce. Friends for reference, especially for technical white zero based, this article will be a good business practice program, learning namely, worth


one, what is e-commerce?

This is

must first find out where the industry before the thing, the so-called e-commerce, here to help entrepreneurs regardless of the B Internet theory high-end atmosphere, since we all just want to be able to account for a bit, in the industry to earn money, so here that can help business e-commerce simply interpreted as "trading behavior is dependent on the Internet (sellers)"


two, electricity supplier common mode of operation which


B2B, B2C, C2C, F2C, B2M…… This is from the service and the service object’s point of view, dividing and positioning is also involved in the role of the chain from the electricity supplier, there are many similar patterns, because the multiplicity and complexity involved in the business role, so that the industry will have many of the spit spit that all kinds of this division, if you do not want to so complex. We can see another article "to help entrepreneurs rural business platform of the four kinds of value orientation", reading can let you clarify the complicated pattern of


three, what are the basic e-commerce business content?


can be seen from the figure of the whole business involves eight aspects, including shop decoration, art photography, baby details, marketing, the four aspects of the important solution is the picture editor for landscaping, relates to the packaging and product descriptions, so copy production also is the key; and warehousing logistics, >

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