A QQ can bring hundreds of thousands of traffic a day

to share with you a small point I stand to collect:

this method is very simple, once and for all..

just put two or three hours a day, not long, you can introduce a huge amount of traffic every day. No need to hang up, technical content is not high.

first thing to search engine to search for a picture, to be very beautiful, but it is true that, is to see that it is a common picture, not a professional photographer that can choose photos in the scenic area.

second, a PS master, for this photo in the face, is this picture into a picture of no infringement..

third things, next to a city of a search (take a map next to the search), search the local dating network, such as Changzhou, the search for friends in Changzhou.

third things, in the dating network, released a female member information, and then put their photos up, leaving the QQ data do not write any advertising. Because the administrator needs to be audited, after the audit, the QQ to advertising.

fourth things, each city can only send one, and do not repeat the hair, after finishing the material, one day you can make these 300 cities dating information.

fifth things, each city release information of friends station address to a TXT file, and then develop a set of automatic registration posting machine, only the 300 friends stand, 300*100=3WIP and a friends stand, at least have thousands of traffic, we are through the search engine to search, natural more traffic.

sixth things to sell the software, the price is low, it is easy to sell. Fifth sixth for just a few love resell creative friends..

a QQ, one day can bring about 300 thousand of traffic, not flicker people, their test. The main reason is that the flow in the continuous accumulation of daily traffic are increasing. Interested friends can try http://s.zhengzhi8.com.

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