Decoration industry how to develop their own network marketing plan

The traditional

of things is a good side, but in the Internet a dragon and a tiger in combat in the battlefield, the enterprise development to the enterprise if the buckle on a traditional hat, must be a dead end. Decoration industry since 2001, the real estate industry continues to heat up to now, but also ushered in a spring and a spring. In the decoration of the industry, the boss who was "poor" only money, someone "poor" only underwear. Its fiery degree can only be said to be inferior to any industry, what determines the life and death of these traditional decoration company?. And decoration companies to elaborate on how to develop their own network marketing plan.

topic: want to turn around, you need to make the transformation of the traditional thought to modern thought


2000, this point of time can be said to be the transition from traditional media advertising to modern media advertising in china. Because the Internet began to sprout, development. This time contact with the network, who can say who touched. The Internet has created Ma Huateng’s Empire Tencent, but also created a Ma electricity supplier Empire, but also created a Baidu search engine Empire,, say simply, in 2000, you can open a cafe can earn millions of dollars a month!

in the decoration industry, many bosses (conservative), but also constantly throwing money on paper media advertising, outdoor advertising, television advertising, etc.. Ignore the power of online advertising. Think of Internet advertising not worth mentioning. As everyone knows, on the battlefield, the intensity of advertising competition has reached a white hot degree. Of course, many bosses in the decoration industry was forced to transition in the mind. Why is forced to? Because with the rise of commodity prices, labor costs and offline advertising costs are increasingly high, after all, money the boss is not the majority, have began to advertise on the internet.

, of course, there are a lot of faction boss (reformist), has been involved in the field of online advertising. After all, in the network platform, it is worth us to do too much advertising. You are not afraid of no money, afraid you don’t have enough money to spend. Spend, dare to spend, the reformist boss also through the network successfully made the first pot of gold belongs to own. Because the way the Internet advertising is too much. The need to make money through the Internet is constantly changing new ideas.

want to do network marketing, but how to spend money reasonable?

do not advertising, regardless of the cost, because the network marketing also has risks, not squandering money. To maximize profit at the lowest cost, is the best way to network marketing.

"high rich handsome" decoration company, do network marketing must do is pay marketing. Simple point, that is, must pay the price to open the ranking.

PPC: this marketing approach is based on the search engine as a medium, click on charges. Can be set according to customer search habits target keywords. For some bad money decoration companies can set up some key words of the industry, a long time to grab the front position. After all, high show in order to get more traffic. Like Google, >

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