Discussion on several new methods of content marketing in electricity supplier enterprises

compared with the rigid promotion, content marketing is clearly more likely to be accepted by people, more easily recognized by the user, but also by the majority of small and medium enterprises welcome. But in reality, due to cognitive limitations, many small and medium electricity providers to carry out a lot of content marketing detours, was a lot of money tied to the content of marketing and time, the effect is minimal. So, how to better carry out the electricity supplier business content marketing it?


one, make time, fast.

does not have a proper time, do not content release; without a focus on the speed, can not account for marketing opportunities; not a reasonable arrangement, can not reach the work income. Therefore, the study of media activity rules, find social media platform or higher exposure time, and then make a reasonable schedule and plans to publish the content in this period of time, take advantage of the fragmentation of time, so as to further improve the content of the opening rate, injection rate, share rate and close reprint rate etc..

two, good at digging content.

content marketing is not a department, it is best to full participation and cooperation. They mobilize the enthusiasm and participation degree, ratio of only one person working on a lot better than. We can first identify some trusted sources of information, usually the use of leisure time and tidy up the content to explore, collect, and strengthen their own construction skills, will be content to the user used to express the way, make it more down to earth, and with its own characteristics and advantages.

three, increase the value of content.

is known to all, the key to marketing is to allow users to identify, and identity is the premise of trust, in a sense, the user is to buy the value of confidence, confidence is more likely to impress users. Therefore, in addition to increasing the value and practicality of content, we must also increase the confidence of the content.

also, classification and tag is also an important way to increase the added value of content, classification helps management and cognition, tags help search and be found.

in addition, the release of content summary, or collect relevant comments, to improve the value of the content is also of great benefit.

we need to know that the user’s decision to buy or not to buy your product depends primarily on the content of the advertisement, not its form. The best ideas come from life and interests. It’s hard to make your content more interesting.

four, stick to the user before.

to carry out content marketing, the most taboo is to profit in front of the user needs. If your content is not considered for the user, the user does not meet the aesthetic and cognitive view, and wishful thinking of the consumer guide and the concept of innovation, it will cause the user antipathy, or to let the user confused. Therefore, the content marketing must adhere to the supremacy of the user, to provide users with more than expected value and service, in order to win the user’s recognition, the enterprise also

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