How to cut the nternet white life from the nternet

Whether it is WeChat

public industry Daniel, is well-known for micro-blog V, just into the tide of Internet White is somewhat less than the tentacles of starlight, helplessness and regrets, so, how to open up a white Internet access to the Internet in the Kingdom road in the absence of guiding teacher, expert advice under the condition of


far out of reach, we started from the life, saying the art comes from life than life, the same is true in the Internet field, big aspect, the Internet is a connection and services in the field of mass media life, close to our life, Post Bar micro-blog and QQ have influence on viral our life may be relatively in micro-blog, we Post Bar white powder absorbing ability is limited, but a few hundred people, QQ group created most of us can even do well, some time ago also clamored to aunt and the city group of friends to the party. I also have to create a group of three hundred people on the QQ group, the original group was just interested in making, did not carry any utilitarian color, so it did not do much work in the operation.

is a new Internet service QQ group enough to act as a advanced experiment, the QQ community (Group) also created further, of course is to pull new, inviting community participants, about to pull the new, in one of the Internet products, operators in the field is on top of the usual event, QQ group to pull the new method for white habits invite friends, or to let the friends pull friends, in order to transfer, of course, with this can lead to further deepen the expansion of "pull" this concept is present in the new media, the website from powder product exposure and market a variety of Internet traffic situations, or all attract "eye" and the process of transformation of the benefits can be regarded as a "pull", the myriad return cases, including internet module functional relative to a single situation, QQ group have the same A system of thinking, so a bit more, learn by analogy is a little bit of advice to my website, WeChat Daniel, dry cargo public number has a lot about this affordable, determined deep Internet community can really completely white, the so-called master, can practice into a fine that can see myself.

has a group of participants, when appropriate, add a few administrators, as Founder group or community trader, the enthusiasm of the first group of friends with content, the topic is not high, active atmosphere of the burden falls in the main group, the administrator who, living mode of the active production of high quality content, stimulate the user the content of the production and the topic "also applies to the Internet based mode, such as for how WeChat public number, product sites and other new media to guide the user reading their promotional copy, share to a circle of friends, to further realize the benefits of the transformation and so on are" extended living "content and extension.

some time ago, on a whim, group in the name of two words changed to "tennis", is the group’s tennis community, instead of "tennis" was renamed after the group almost no ground for blame, average every day there are tennis enthusiasts for this group, "

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