On the loyalty and trust of the webmaster network users

has been removed from the webmaster Trading Forum, selling copies of QQ data, according to a recent Admin5 today in a period of time, write Admin5 gave me the feeling.

in general, to improve the loyalty and trust of a web site users, the following points can be:

1, in the website to open the advice and suggestions, and quickly respond to the views of members, suggestions.

, for example, in the forum to seek advice on the improvement of the site, and to make effective recommendations for members of a small gift or gift points. Or irregular activities, such as Admin5 recently held a chess contest, and some time ago, the SEO prize contest, although not much, but to enhance the user’s trust in Admin5, Admin5 with his left feeling very cordial, have the opportunity to participate in admin5.

2, the interests of the members of the site bundled with the benefits of

For example,

allows users to add some advertising code in his blog, on the one hand to increase the user’s income, also can better stick to the user. This can greatly increase the user’s enthusiasm. Many forum sites have integral system, but is not really practical, can let members of vanity, his more than the others, and when the score reaches a certain number can draw, exchange gifts, attracted many loyal members. While the Admin5 is opened to write articles, Forum opened for sale this fast, and graph king guarantees to increase trust, trust is graph king reputation, so naturally we are very willing to sell or buy the site here, and I’m the real beneficiaries of this area, the short two days in my Admin5 the sale of QQ data, more than and 10 abreast, more than and 20 add my Q, on a more than and 10, and finally a few online, ready to talk today. I really appreciate the king and Admin5, really take into account our interests. Now I posted my post.
http://s.bbs.admin5.com/viewthread.php? Tid=16431& extra=page%3D1

held a number of offline membership activities, such as party, KTV, tourism etc.. The AA, conditionspermitting can give the website active membership fee waiver. This is the website for members to take this opportunity to let them have activities, what about the inadequacies of the website! If it is necessary to implement as soon as possible, and then the results of the notice to improve the recommendations of members!

4, so that users continue to understand new things.

is the user’s demand for continuous learning. First, the user initiative to ask, and the other is the user passively accepted. The user will help them learn new things on the website will be very grateful, so the website operators should first be experts in the industry, and continue to learn, continue to tell what you know.

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