Soft publishing industry problems

accidentally, Zhou Xingwei himself has been in the field of soft text for two years. Today, I would like to talk about the main problems of the current soft publishing industry. Due to the wide spread of the network position, so get the commanding heights in the network of public opinion has become the consensus of enterprises and brands. However, users of wisdom is infinite, so the ongoing saga. In the soft release, mainly for the news soft and interactive soft two.

news soft refers to the direct release of the soft news on the regular news website. Because of too many clients, so do the general soft release personal OR enterprises are difficult to attend to all industries, now most of the time are rich women / health / news /IT/ several of the main channel, the main page for financial. Why? Because of the wider scope of finance, suitable for the general industry enterprises and brands. If you want to points of meticulous, portal resources channel will have to accumulate more, but it is not easy to control. So in fact, no matter where the press, in fact, the layout and location of the hair is almost the same, that is, in general, the portal resources are not much difference. The difference is, the general coverage, for example, some companies tend to do some industry site and local sites, which is not only the enterprise itself to accumulate the resource at the same time, his clients have the need to do so. Actually, one-time dozens of sites have been not Zhou Xingwei soft network recommended way, because it is a waste of money to a lot of small hair, I always recommend a 3-5 station can take less stand multiple mode. A soft, don’t expect what substantive significance, the spread of the brand to the precipitation days and months multiplying perceptual knowledge, the so-called reputation is emphasized again the formation of.

interactive soft Wen release, Zhou Xingwei soft web is currently not involved, because the Forum blog this piece of operation is more complicated. However, according to Zhou Xingwei understand that the current interactive soft text is actually no secret, the basic is to rely on artificial top stickers, artificial hype, so the requirement is to look for some more sought after forum. Compared to the news soft, interactive soft article requirements will be higher. Zhou Xingwei wrote many interactive soft Wen, there are more successful, there are failures. Of course, this thing can not be quantified, the so-called failure of success is my own view. I have a lot of article I through the search engine can be found everywhere, but some have changed the brand, there are some articles do not know where the customer, not seen on the network, customers may be thrown into the garbage to the · · · · · ·

actually, it is to say after all is said and done, Zhou Xingwei that one: soft Wen is not advertising, not eager to soft what can bring substantial progress, is to do brand promotion for soft wen. Of course, in view of the soft Wen can hide the web site, you can directly get the click rate, access to traffic has become the direct needs of many customers. But I just want to say that the reality of this traffic

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