What kind of article length is conducive to SEO

today to talk about a search engine optimization details a bit boring problem.

used to have a friend in the forum asked, what kind of length of the article is conducive to SEO? First of all, to say a few words basically always correct nonsense principle:

1) from the user, consider the user experience, do not consider the search engine optimization.

2) words are long, no words are short.

again, if you have to stand in the SEO’s point of view, what kind of treatment should be


first, the article should be shorter than 200 words or more. There are two reasons:

1) if there are only a few words, the search engine is not easy to determine what is the theme of the text, it can not determine what the most relevant keywords.

2) the text is too short, likely than menu navigation system, add up to copyright and other things mixed less characters, suspected copy content. If there are too many pages of this text, it may cause an increase in the number of pages within the site. Because of the similarity between your web pages is too high, the difference between the text is too short.

long article easy to attract links. Read a lot of very long articles, and even up to dozens of pages. Although read pull pull a bit inconvenient, but this article is actually easier to attract links.

because this article is usually a topic in-depth analysis, not deep he can not write so long. Therefore, other blogs or websites to find such in-depth research articles, will naturally find its value, the article as a resource, and then cited.

if the long article into a few paragraphs, other blog is not easy to quote. The odds of having fewer articles as resources. In fact, there is a subtle psychological differences between the two, a very long, very complete, very in-depth article, the impression is a valuable resource.

another advantage is that this article is rich in content, in the search engine seems to enhance the authority.

sometimes the long article into a few pages, but also has its advantages. The first advantage is that the entire site page increases, the size of the site becomes larger. The big site has a natural authority.

second is, if your article can be divided into different chapters, and each chapter has a focus, this time to divide the different sections of the page is more favorable. Because each chapter has his theme relevance, divided into multiple pages, can be optimized for different keywords.

in general, in addition to the previously discussed long article, according to the characteristic of itself and whether you want to more easily attract links, to consider whether the page into different, common article should be in 400-800 words is more appropriate. This is not just from the SEO point of view, but also taking into account the user. Too long to allow users to look at the first glance

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