ncrease the flow of Web site promotion 15 strokes

website promotion is a big problem, especially for the new station is concerned, although we insist that online problems online, but how many sites really have to engage in traffic flow? Have a problem to be solved, that is cheap enough! The best is free, so today I can suggest you to the following 15 aspects to accumulate resources, and unremittingly to do, success is not far away.

1. large search engine optimization, such as Baidu, Google, Yahoo, etc.;

2.BSP free blog, such as WordPress system, Sina blog, etc. (message + Reprint)

3. professional personal / corporate blog (original, resource download, writing, soft, word of mouth marketing)

4.Feed promotion, news collection RSS, such as FEEDSKY, Zhou Botong RSS (blog search);

5. network promotion, such as delicious, Baidu and 365key;

6.Digg class promotion, such as,, etc.;

7. classification information website, such as Craiglist, Kijiji, local classifieds site, online Yellow Pages information publishing;

8.SNS circle (Social Network) promotion, such as MySpace, basic network, circle, etc.;

9.Wiki style writing promotion, such as Wikipedia, Chinese Wikipedia, Baidu encyclopedia, etc.;

10. web chat rooms, such as Twitter, Jaiku, rice, etc.;

11. personalized website 43things series

12. Q & A, such as Baidu know, Yahoo Answer, etc.;

13. published valuable original articles to the article list, such as 360doc;

14. for search engine news sources to promote, such as DoNews, iResearch;

15. pictures, electronic magazine, audio, video creative promotion;


methods are not immutable and frozen, you need to do is to understand your own website with user groups, and then study them on the Internet in the habit of doing what, then you can take relevant strategies, in-depth research methods, so you can do things half oh.

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