Those entrepreneurial motto almost ruined my digital medical startups

in the Internet world, we often hear about the three companies on the development of the motto:

"move fast and break!" (hint: Facebook company slogan)

"release and update products as early as possible and frequently!"

"sales will overcome all difficulties"  

now, these have become the accepted truth. Can not be denied that these theories have brought a wave of innovation in a larger scale, creating a huge amount of wealth, but also by the venture capital favored by various types of technology sector has made tremendous contributions to society.

for me, however, relying on these "proverbs" almost ruined my startup – digital medical platform ProofPilot. In addition, I am worried that these words may be a threat to the entire digital healthcare industry".

I’m really lucky. ProofPilot has some powerful early "traction" (which means the company is doing well in the early stages). In 2014, after graduating from the medical incubator company Blueprint Health, a good operating condition to help us quickly get a small amount of seed round financing. Over the next year, we have been following the rules of the entrepreneurial script, but not effective. But we still have other ways to go. Yes, we have the ability to correct errors, but also do not have to explain what is doing or why".

but the other comrades were not so lucky. Theranos (blood test enterprises; medical technology industry before the unicorn, but it is the rapid product iteration, because the product user problems facing prosecution; 36kr author of dada "from the top of the list of female billionaires start empty-handed to net assets is zero, the Theranos CEO is how to be?" this is analyzed, (Zenefits) the medical insurance broker platform; former Unicorn enterprises, failure to achieve expected sales slump of its valuation; 36kr was reported and 23andMe (DNA) detection mechanism, users are charged with advertising) are under strict supervision of the media made a mistake. No one will want to go the wrong way or deliberately turned a blind eye to the important regulations. The reason for the failure of more digital medical startups is that they use a strategic development model that is not matched with the industry.

health care and life sciences must belong to the slow development of the industry. In the game, e-commerce and social media, you can continue to introduce new products, and from the good effect and poor effect in the continuous improvement and learning. In the medical field, "wrong" means a lawsuit. A treatment can have serious and unexpected consequences. So, "move fast and break this sentence in this field is an absolutely fantastic. The industry >

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