Talk about his writing soft Wen promotion website experience

 : first of all, I first understand what is soft Wen?

website promotion: soft, soft Wen is actually AD in this article, when we get to the point, to an example, add your web site. This can be called a soft article. Some matters needing attention when

1,   not malicious speculation, it is easy to arouse resentment. Won’t get long-term value.

2,   write the article to be useful to the user – that is, to be valuable, valuable will encourage users to browse. And the value of the site will be recommended, put in the recommended bit. For example, I have sent in stationmaster net ( a "network promotion and complete tutorial skills" for a few days to be stationmaster net on the home page reading position (no screenshot), a few days will be a lot of websites, you can go to Baidu Google (more) to search. Four or five days later from the home sink. To browse the network owners found to be recommended to the home station for the position. Screenshots are as follows:

3,  , soft Wen to be creative, remember not to simply modify the other people’s articles, plus their own web site.
4,   soft Wen to send in the appropriate website or forum, rotten hair waste time, and no effect. If you write about the site, you will be released on the , and, so that as long as you publish a lot of sites will be reproduced. This flow will naturally come.

therefore, please write a text when you want to develop a heavy original, heavy value of the spirit of the site, you can get a lot of original articles, soft Wen get attention.

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