Soft Wen marketing we see is really good

soft marketing, can be described as the most important network promotion. But soft, but it is a lot of heart pain. What to write, how to write, plagued countless webmaster. The author has been adamant that, content rich, rhetoric and then gorgeous, but no sentiment is always soft, soft failure. Soft Wen marketing, we see is really good!

Chinese love lively, love to see it, the network replies the common "onlookers", to the people’s psychology was fully and delightfully. So, how can we write a word so many charming, countless spectators Jingsheyao "soft?

1 clear soft marketing purposes

we are not a clown, we have no obligation to write a script for the netizen "entertainment". The purpose of writing is to promote soft wen. So before we write, we must be clear about who we are and what we are going to do. With the purpose to write, do not write in the process, gradually lost the purpose.

2 was the target population psychological

we write out the soft Wen is to give people see, but others would like to see, love does not love to see, this requires us to do some work. We must do a good job in the daily work, to do a fine sense of micro people, see more, more observation, more thinking, more summary, and slowly develop a feeling. Feel what will be a fire, what will be drowned in the soundless and stirless Internet information in the ocean.

3 caters to the online public taste

in general, it is difficult to distinguish between, the vast network of users, which one is our target population. For example, the author of the target population, people who want to do catering projects. At present, however, these target groups may not focus on certain fixed corners. So, we have to do is, in each big portal, wide net forum. Therefore, the soft must cater to the public taste.

4 Title attractive content sharp

title is like a person’s external appearance, the content is like a person’s inner spirit. To a certain extent, determines whether users title for your soft liking, will "seduce" you decide whether the content; and you continue to maintain a good relationship. For example, I recently wrote a few soft "really wasted, my face of Ximen Qing and ten years of studying hard", "Little Women" de ", can love you" etc..

With the help of

5 Smart Navy vest

many people love to pick clicks and replies high post, because they think that this post is a wonderful son. So, why don’t we lay down and entertain for a while. For a few key promotion positions, to register some Ma3 jia3, find some water, to a crest, a.

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