Suning self fresh Su Xiansheng on the line throughout the cold chain distribution


technology news March 9th afternoon news, Suning supermarket company formally enter the fresh market, the sale of proprietary fresh products, and named it the "Su Xiansheng". According to Suning supermarket fresh person in charge, Su Xiansheng sales of products will be taken overseas direct mining and the whole cold chain distribution.

it is understood that the "Su Xiansheng" the first in Shanghai, Hangzhou as a pilot, products related to meat fruits and vegetables, seafood, eggs, etc., covering all the fresh category line supermarket. At the same time, relying on Shanghai cold warehouse, in Shanghai and Hangzhou throughout the whole process of Suning logistics cold chain distribution.

Suning supermarket fresh relevant responsible person said that the current Shanghai cold warehouse inventory of 50000, the average daily delivery volume of 2500, the peak of 5000, enough to meet the daily needs of Shanghai, Hangzhou two places. In the distribution process, fresh products in the cold storage after the completion of sorting and distribution to the courier point, and then delivered to the customer by the courier point, the last 100 meters courier using temperature control box distribution.

fresh products to customers in all categories of viscous re purchase rate is highest, the largest, is essential for the supermarket category, but fresh category of product standardization is low, because of the high cost of logistics, it is difficult to save and the transportation loss is large, has been regarded as a "provider of the most difficult row to hoe".

Suning supermarket responsible person said, Suning will be based in the domestic fresh direct mining, Suning also rely on overseas companies set up marketing team in the world, straight from overseas, seafood, meat and other Vegetable & Fruit selling imported products, similar to the imported products is lower than the market price of 20%-30%.

future, Suning supermarket will gradually promote the Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other key cities of fresh business. (Zhang Nan)

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