Electronic business platform to create a guest economy landing it

Abstract: whether it is from the top down, or from the bottom up, the electronic business platform is to meet the customer economy, to meet the former electricity after the arrival of the era.


First introduced a powerful media

entered before the "connection" magazine editor in chief, Chris · Anderson (Chris Anderson), many people have heard of this name, because of its best-selling book "the long tail" is famous in the world. However, if only the long tail theory, but also not strong. Chris · Anderson has also written a book by Zhou Hongyi as "the Bible" Internet "free" one book, the foundation of its profound exposition of this free Internet model, a prophecy recently, is "off the record" book reveals the production, innovation and manufacturing industry transformation, and Chris · Anderson is not just empty talk. He is a veteran of his own creation, he is the founder of 3D Robotics and DIY Drones, the former is the most powerful rival in the North American market.

is a successful Internet trend to assert, Chris · Anderson (Chris Anderson) to bring the Internet community of thinkers and the prophet’s name, Google CEO Eric · Schmidt, YAHOO founder Yang Zhiyuan et al, on its theory and books are respected to.

today to talk about is the creation of passenger economy in China landing.

no longer entertain guests but change the world

three or four years ago, "off the record" (Maker) refers to a group of people who love DIY, using the 3D printer ziyuzile in hackerspaces, do some small inventions, however, there are few hit off the success of the idea into a product or prototype.

, however, in the last year, the record is being redefined.

and Internet plus as a passenger has become a popular word in support of the state, whether the developed coastal city such as Guangzhou, or the southwest mountain city of Chongqing, the streets can be seen in the public record space "signs, the public entrepreneurship, innovation, is Chinese government is strongly encouraged. Support hit off the economy, on the one hand boost has significant weakness of the economy, on the other hand to remove the "world factory" of the hat, let Chinese manufacturing upgrade to create Chinese, saying more tall, is an important part of the supply side reform ".

is not only the Chinese government strongly support the creation of passenger economy, large enterprises have to cater to the tide of creating customers". Haier, Lenovo, Alibaba and other giants are committed to supporting the creation of a strong investment. Alibaba in support of the public is to spare no effort. Cloud based eco cloud habitat Town, teamed up with Foxconn to create a passenger platform has become a climate, and recently successfully held the first Taobao Creative Festival, it is the creation of the passenger economy into the ordinary consumer groups >

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