The nternet Bank since the financial counter attack Subversion

Like the Arctic glaciers,

‘s hard Bank territory is being blown away by the internet.

"singles day, Alipay makes all banks nervous. November 11th, Tmall and Taobao sales reached 19 billion 100 million yuan, more than 100 million orders to complete the payment. Among them, the number of Alipay fast payment transactions accounted for 45.8% of all transactions, the balance of payment in advance prepaid Alipay accounted for 31%, while the traditional online banking payment, all banking channels accounted for only 23.2% of the sum.


bank and Internet Co clash in the "payment" in front of the battlefield. "This is a major historical event. Third party payment has become a way of life." China Merchants Bank President Ma Yuhua very emotion: the future will bring greater impact on the Internet bank, many of the traditional banking business may not exist."

if one day, the bank’s existing main business income of all free or poor, then the bank how to survive? Unfortunately, the traditional financial business of domestic commercial banks is moving toward the edge.

as the year of the telecommunications industry, business data beyond the original Ben Lai to the survival of the voice business, the telecommunication industry has been completely changed. Similarly, for the current 111 trillion yuan of assets in China’s banking industry, the data is fully operational beyond the financial business is only a matter of time. From the path, instead of the traditional mobile payment payment, peer-to-peer lending instead of traditional loans, raise public financing alternative to traditional securities business, the three trends of Internet banking, the first two are along the route for data rapid share of commercial banks.

who is the tool of

more than and 10 years ago, the combination of the Internet and the bank started with technical support. At that time the Internet Co is mainly to help the bank to move the network business. At that time the Internet is only a tool to expand the size and scope of the financial sector.

2001, the third party payment in the country to the rise of the gateway model, it is the biggest problem is the threshold is low, the value is limited, simply do not go deep into the gateway software. By 2005, the new payment companies, including Alipay, YeePay TenPay gradually developed, showing some new pattern. Third party payment began to have higher technical content, business model is more diversified.

with the maturity of e-commerce and third party payment, around 2007, the combination of the Internet and the bank from the technical field into the field of financial services.

at the time of the third party payment is the original bank payment channel range expansion, improve the efficiency of payment, but the payment itself does not make money, from trading in the low amount of fees to support the company’s continued operations. This is the reason why the bank did not attach much importance to. Payment itself does not make money, but it is the by-product of information and data, like the gold deposit as the more valuable.

May 2011, the central bank to third party payment >

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