The ten major brands of self exposure data back to the high rate of return questioned


] December 24th news billion state power network, the day before, a ripple, the media criticized Tmall this year after the double 11 big promotion, many in the big promotion achieved good sales of the brand recent refund rate soared higher than the industry average. But some brands fight back: small series should go home tutoring Tmall shop score refund rate algorithm, and now the data does not reflect the real rate of return of 11 double promotion."

then 11 refund rate of double truth is what kind of? Billion state power network asked the relevant circumstances to obtain good sales performance in the double 11 big promotion brand business.

brands first pointed out that the refund rate calculation logic score in the Tmall store has some problems: the shop nearly a month refund rate, the total is 30 days before the refund arising during this period as a molecular divided by the total sales, the data from. This algorithm does not exist in the daily operation of the logic of the problem is too large, but once encountered in the promotion of which there is a loophole in the calculation of the logic out."

brand explained that the previous article mentioned in December 21st the rate of return, refers to the return of the 30 days from November 21st to the date of the refund rate, which is the amount of the refund divided by the number of sales during the period of. During this period, the refund generated by the store is based on a double eleven refund, and the number of sales has no double sales of eleven.

In order to understand the situation of

refund brands double 11 orders, billion state power network Summary of women, men’s clothing, bags, shoes, outdoor, food, daily necessities, textiles, cosmetics and other categories, in the double 11 achieved during the ten brand sales performance, good statistical double refund rate 11. That is, the brand will double the amount of refund generated by the 11 orders divided by the results generated by the sales of the double 11.


according to the data show that the rate of return of clothing brands in general between 12% to 15%, the purpose of the refund rate is about 10% bags. The snacks, daily necessities, cosmetics, textile etc. categories with no size, try on other issues, so the return rate is relatively low. The Carolina, starry statistics refund rate and Tmall nearly 30 days refund rate is huge.

addition, there are brands that data can only be used for reference, the data is better than no data. Refund rate can not be considered as a core indicator to judge the ability of a business operator, to some extent, the store dynamic score is more important, reflecting the business back-end supply chain and the ability to operate the team.

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