Electronic commerce of industry website

mentioned the electronic commerce, many people may immediately think of Alibaba such as a comprehensive e-commerce platform, we are going to talk about here is the electronic commerce industry subdivision website, there are differences between both connections. It’s like a big supermarket, and the other is a store.

let’s talk about the connection.

one, are e-commerce.

e-commerce is simple, is based on the Internet platform, the whole process of a series of business activities, products, services, etc.. It is open, global, low cost, high efficiency, is a new type of commercial marketing model.

two, comply with the general commercial law.


e-commerce has its own characteristics, but in the entire operation process, or generally comply with the original commercial law.

, for example, gains from trade in goods or services, in accordance with the principles of fairness and mutual benefit in transactions, subject to relevant laws, public supervision, etc..

three, is an important way through the network, commodity trading.

The most important difference between

e-commerce and other business activities is the importance of the network. The display of products or services, communication between the two sides, the signing of the agreement, follow-up services can be completed online.

four, have some common network features.


is all through the network of electronic commerce, so have some network characteristics. For example: business process of electronic, digital, open and global, reduce intermediate links, reduce costs, rich information resources, timely and interactive, etc..

five, are faced with some common problems.

1, the limitations of the network itself.

network is a virtual world, we can see things with the reality of society see the existence of some differences, you may only see the goods side, not through hands, ears and nose to the overall perception. In the interaction between people, it is difficult for us to get a comprehensive and subtle information.

2, user consumption concept can not keep up.

e-commerce as a new business model, need to go through the appropriate time will be accepted by most people, and also by the local business environment, education level into a series of cases, such factors of consumption, personal consumption habits, accept new things about the.

3, transaction security needs to be strengthened.

is now the most important factor restricting the development of e-commerce or the security of its transactions. In dealing with transactions on the open network, how to ensure the security of data transmission, in addition to the use of some effective protection measures, the state should also be in the legal, social environment

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