The latest features of the Group buy website comments

here said the characteristics of the group buying site is not the general use of the online program to build a website

U.S. group:

is the largest U.S. group Chinese female group purchase website, is also the most professional skin care products and cosmetics group purchase group purchase website. U.S. group transcedent cosmetics and skin care products to you every day, and ensure genuine, fake a lose three, thirty days unconditional return.

personal comments: women buy website, has successfully organized a lot of period, in recent years, sales are good, more than a thousand, it is recommended to female friends.

glutinous rice net:

Description: glutinous rice nets around your local boutique life guide, a group purchase surprise every day, for your selection of Beijing restaurants, bars, KTV, SPA, Meifadian, yoga and other characteristics of the business, come to find your consumer products.

personal comments: the interface of butter is enough, ha ha, is worthy of Oak Pacific interactive’s website. The number of people generally maintained at 1000-4000

baby group:

baby group China first early baby products group purchase network, China, the national infant group China first early baby products group purchase network, the shopping, the group purchase, the discount, discount, group purchase, consumption of luxury goods, shopping guide, consumer guide

personal comments: early baby products group purchase website is the first time to see the site or with a little cartoon flavor, but sales remained at 500 down


Chinese best skin care cosmetics / skincare station group purchase group purchase group purchase group purchase / cosmetics / women / wonderful group purchase every day, as in it

personal comments: women also do the group purchase website, the only place defective, it has to group purchase dislocation. (I used IE7 test)

12 points:

12 points, 12 points every day at noon to launch a value of the goods, every day to give you a surprise in life, once friends together, a happy shopping.

personal comments: 12 points, 12 points every day to sell products group purchase website, also has the same problem to the misplacement of group purchase. (I use IE7 test) and other traffic does not seem very high

millet group:

millet group is a day to provide a single boutique consumer buy network, for your choice of daily necessities, food and beverage, tourism, leisure, beauty

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