As long as the heart of two stores can also be drilled four

actually saw a lot of people around the shop, I also talk about my business. My Taobao is "Han Chi monopoly", heard a little, haha, I was a little love to watch Korean dramas. I do Taobao shop early, but unfortunately, at the beginning of the time did not seriously to do, so as to get up early, did not catch up with the first wave of money. What a pity.

my Taobao shop is mainly to sell small department stores, popular terms is a few dollars, or even a lot of money for daily necessities, but it is very unique. So I was the first time when the purchase of these goods are very concerned about the characteristics, must be unique, there are selling points. My experience is to breed more, the length of the product line directly determines the life cycle of the shop, which is an experience I have seen an online shop.

so I have the inventory stored in 300 kinds of samples, so that each person can see a lot of new things, I saw my background statistics, I stay in my shop in time is 3 minutes, should not short of it, hey. Of course, the longer the better.

and then sales, my things are very cheap, so you have to have a lot of procurement to profit. This is my main retail, two is a group purchase cooperation and many social groups, such as Chongqing has a team called the United team, their team is very popular, often organized activities, I will cooperate with them, in the organization of small group purchase, for a long time, the amount is not small. Such cooperation, I at least more than and 20 and the national social organizations in a single product, profit sometimes just a few cents, but must be able to endure loneliness, and taking the long view. This year, I am ready to increase cooperation in this area, hoping to have a greater breakthrough.

finally to their own shop to make an ad,, I hope you can give me a lot of advice, my QQ is 13058439 (verification: home), interested friends can add exchange.

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