How to track customer oriented web promotion

many people do not understand the Wangmeng promotion, we first look at Baidu Encyclopedia of our introduction, when users enter into the web site, web promotion can be displayed in the promotion of enterprise information users to browse the web page, covering the Internet users more time online, more in-depth and lasting influence to the users, effectively help enterprises improve sales and brand awareness.

If we take the

search engine marketing customer acquisition process to fishing, so web promotion is to grasp why a fish escaped through the Seine,? We see search engine marketing the whole process of

when a user searches for a keyword in the search engine, such as storage cage, compressor, crusher, natural sand and so on, the user can choose according to the search results of several supplier comparison, comparing the company strength, product price, product quality, service and so on, after analysis and comparison, a part of the customer at the time will be sold, another part of the customer will leave information (phone, QQ etc.), the customer will keep track of the transaction, there is a part of what the user did not leave, this part of the user is only about whether the final transaction, may also need to consult with colleagues or further understanding, for 2 a client, web promotion further transactions for this part of customers will play a very big role.

then we analyze the process, leaving the information customers hand through our customer service so as to promote the active tracking transactions, on the other hand we can follow the customer through web promotion characteristics of multi platform launch, including without leaving any information of customers, we also need to through the network alliance to promote this part of the customer tracking, we set up the user behavior in the network alliance to promote the background, focus on the specified keywords, effective period can be set to 3 days, 7 days, 15 days, 30 days (set, according to their own industry in general can be set to 7 days), divided into keywords directional search, browse, the current browsing history.

search: according to Baidu keyword search in the customer targeted

current browsing: according to the customer’s current page content of the corresponding keyword targeted

browsing history: according to the customer to browse the contents of the page to focus on the targeted delivery, and the current page content is the key words are unrelated to

We previously mentioned

users in the search for a keyword in the search engine, here is the corresponding keyword search direction ", refers to the current browsing users are currently browsing web pages that contain" storage cage, compressor, crusher, natural sand and so on key words, browsing history refers to users of recent views include "storage cage, compressor, crusher, natural sand and so on" keywords ".

for the above 3 kinds of keywords we can be divided into different promotion group, so we will follow the search to promote the loss of potential customers, potential customers online a series of process, at any time

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