How to counter attack and the vip com defenders in the competition

as the counter attack born sale mall, its growth can be said to subvert a lot for the development of the electricity supplier electricity supplier practitioners of the traditional concept of previous ideas for the operation of the first level of profit put the Buddha here at becomes quite simple, do not need too much money, do not need massive advertising, also do not need celebrity endorsements. Just put on the brand in a fixed time of the end product, click and flow will come.’s recent earnings report also shows its strong development.

as of 2013 of March 31st, revenue grew 206.8% to $310 million, net profit of $5 million 800 thousand. This means that has achieved profitability for two consecutive quarters. Its share price rose from $5.29 a year ago to $33.50 in May 15th, an increase of more than 5 times. Such a strong signal that we believe that in the future will have more room for development.

of course, these are good news, a product in the market is certainly not the only good news, especially when the model is successful, more practitioners will play the idea of imitation. Before the electric grid like blog announced the news, launched in the sale channel at the same time, many webmaster to send a text message to the high commission rates to attract them to do promotion, and this is just a corner of many businesses to imitate iceberg, so many businesses face the competition, should be how to deal with, can to ensure its own long-term development.

first of all to adhere to their own success factors, not to be shaken by the environment. successful model elements:

focus on commodity management. Compared with other sale sites, has enough professional buyers to ensure the quality of their products on the supply of goods, to ensure enough elegant, fashion, and customer price control in the range of acceptable, so that sale products everything like selling products, to seize the user’s consumption demand, in contrast other sale sites, the end product is like sale, unattractive.

do not self built logistics warehouse operation, real-time attention, improve the logistics itself so that the user experience, although not the real-time regulation of the logistics distribution, but does a sum of money to continue to improve warehouse management, improve the quality of delivery. According to statistics, every seven days warehouse goods will be completely replaced, the real-time conversion of such goods so that is very competitive in terms of delivery.

do not do the best, just do the first, to seek the same type of industry and the development of luxury electricity supplier differentiation. In a sense, the development mode of like low-end luxury electric providers, but careful analysis can be found in the two identical meaning is not entirely, at least for consumers can use their understanding to complete a lot of Weihuo sales, and in the sales process of negative impact on the brand a few.

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