You can share the shopping spree Jingdong WeChat shopping social innovation business

Jingdong WeChat shopping in innovative social networking play. April 23rd – April 27th, consumers in the purchase of WeChat Jingdong specified category of goods, you can receive a Jingdong WeChat shopping spree, not only according to their own preferences package types, can also be friends and share exclusive gifts category. This reflects the importance of Jingdong WeChat shopping for social electricity supplier, in order to bring more high-quality mobile shopping experience for users, but also allows users to feel the social interaction of WeChat shopping entrance advantage.

According to

Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center (100EC.CN), during the event, users buy goods category per day, you can receive 10 Jingdong WeChat shopping spree, user preferences can be combined for maternal and child food category per day, sub package, and the selected package and friends to share, including real exchange certificates the brand, category, coupons, special offers and other selected value. As a young woman in the Jingdong WeChat shopping to buy skin care products as an example, the successful purchase can be combined with a demand support package, and the package to share with friends, and friends and share package mask, toiletries and other real prizes or brand coupons.



it is reported that the day is only a beginning of a hundred categories, followed by WeChat shopping will also be combined with the whole category so that more users to experience this innovative gameplay. On this basis, choose the category package users will be more practical, the use of the coupon rate will increase substantially, but also can enhance the interaction with friends; brand businesses can spread through the user’s share to get more exposure, and directly get packs brought traffic; at the same time, it also will lead directly to the Jingdong WeChat shopping sales growth.

since the line, Jingdong WeChat shopping has been around the user experience innovation social networking play. In the innovation, the Jingdong WeChat shopping through physical package, category focus, interactive communication and other forms, to bring consumers more fit the needs of yhlb, and received gifts can share donation, WeChat will further enhance the interaction and contact between friends, and through the spontaneous communication between users, Jingdong, WeChat shopping and brand businesses bring more accurate demand and consumer groups.

industry, Jingdong WeChat shopping is constantly WeChat platform social value into the value of the electricity supplier, pioneered innovative electricity supplier in the field of play, not only opened the new situation of social electricity supplier, will further boost the Jingdong Tencent in-depth cooperation, and lay the foundation for the introduction of more innovative gameplay, or the future will make more and more businesses and consumers benefit.

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