Good guide makes your article crazy

review: after reading this article, I immediately improve the blog, WeChat public share on the guide language


this time in loose teacher blog from the essence of the sun, it is really master clouds, is very lively, not only let me have a kind of impulse, a good Huashan mountain.

well, talking about how to make your customers become your salesman and do not have to pay wages and insurance? It needs to start from two aspects.

the first aspect is the soft set

what is a soft setting is the soft skills design. Including the form of soft advertising recommendation. So what kind of recommended soft recommendation? For example, in the article: "welcome to share this article, please retain the source".


if there is no such a paragraph will make a lot of people do not think about it. This is a guide in psychology, when you set up the execution of the command will have a lot of friends in this action, and then execute your next command. If not specified, this article can be shared. Some friends will consider this article will not copyright? If you do not specify the other friends, but reproduced, the author will immediately think that such and such, of which there are many deep mysteries. For many new people should pay attention to.

The study of

, in your article set this implementation guidance instructions when compared with you not set such instructions, the difference of 10-100 times, the turnover will be several times or even more.

We calculate

, if your article does not indicate "welcome to share", when 10000 people visit, reproduced in the 100, but you add "welcome to share" the guidance instructions, you can reprint volume exceeded 500 times, and 5 times the growth in traffic will lead from behind traffic, because each person behind at least 250 people contacts. In the miracle of the Internet, your soft and your title will form a search source, the formation of viral communication, bring profit to you.

if you have the heart to find your hand to get every free e-books, there will be such a guide or the use of such marketing ideas for you to help him share instructions.

to clearly tell your readers, your customers, welcome to share, welcome to recommend, to help me introduce the customer, just need to reprint share, such a simple quality, he will help you share. This is the charm of language. This has formed a soft electronic books, such as crazy pass. This is not the core inside the core of the bulk of the book is a book, blog, website, etc., but there are other ways to guide the implementation of the transaction to guide the wonderful statement. This guide statement inside the core of others is the core of the design is the most technical trick, comparable to "Jiuyang Magic Power" and "jiuyinzhenjing". So right now

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