Want to do micro business Do you think just brush circle of friends so simple

as a new form of the development of e-commerce, micro business is fully with the WeChat platform showing explosive development, but when it comes to micro business, a lot of people there with disdain, that is not the brush circle of friends brush space thing? It is not that derivative so much, how to let consumers how high flow? Trust you? These are the need to learn


Now most

micro business promotion, is to add more friends, and then circle of friends brush advertising, I believe that most users for this kind of promotion is very disgusted, typical lazy promotion, but not what big harvest.

to others to buy their own goods, the premise must be to understand the products of their own formula, function, efficacy, personality characteristics, but also to know what their consumer groups.

just started to do the marketing circle of friends, must not do like a novice, send pictures, and then write some introduction. In fact, some related forums, QQ group, Post Bar and other social gathering can send a message, not excessive refresh in the circle of friends. We can try some more methods:

a. Traditional media can not forget

traditional media promotion is still an important channel in 2017 micro channel brand promotion. The main brand can be combined with the newspaper, LED, subway, high-speed rail advertisement way to promotion of its own brand products, enhance brand visibility, brand visibility and reputation. Of course, the higher the cost, if there is no certainty or do not rashly attempt.

two. Combination of online and offline

online, needless to say, there are all the way mobile Internet and PC interconnection. Under the line, you can open the experience, so that people really experience the environment, but also to carry out a number of offline activities, so that more customers to participate in, can resonate!

three. Platform promotion combined with soft

want to promote the platform, certainly can not blindly send advertising, this time the soft Wen will come in handy. Write some common sense of life, some grass, some dry cargo articles and so on, put the pictures into their own products, and then inside his own micro signal inside. With the platform professional flow, do not suck powder to promote two. In addition to WeChat, there are many other places. For example, Baidu post bar, for example, the interest of the phone QQ tribe, or some high flow platform, such as A5 venture, Sohu platform, Sina, etc..

four. Live promotion

net red live because of the intuitive, interesting and interactive social characteristics, the commercial value of the extension of the more and more attention. Micro-blog, Taobao and even a lot of red in the broadcast network, to promote their products.

five. To operate

whether it is live, or soft, not just hair on the line, it is necessary to mind, time, content, groups, are strict requirements, can not completely deviate from the Rules >

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