WeChat marketing planning activities need to pay attention to a few problems

WeChat marketing has now become a very popular marketing mode, but also has very strong effect on viral marketing. Now popular ice bucket challenge, there are a lot of names by WeChat, in order to achieve viral. Thus WeChat marketing strong. But a lot of people know that WeChat has a strong marketing effect, but how to make WeChat play a tremendous propaganda effect, it is difficult to find a feasible method, which I think to do a good job of WeChat marketing, the best way is to do a good job of WeChat’s marketing activities, because marketing on the WeChat platform, through the activities instead of straightforward the slogan, undoubtedly better, as if the donation bucket challenge, by creating attract people to actively participate in the activities, to let WeChat marketing can play a multiplier effect.

then in the WeChat marketing platform to create excellent marketing activities? I think we can from the following several aspects to carry out, can effectively avoid the error prone to create marketing activities, so as to exert the enormous effect of marketing activities.

first, we must pay attention to the writing of the activities. The WeChat platform fancy is a "micro", if you create content very much, need to be able to say clearly a long and minute statement, then the WeChat platform is definitely not a good platform. Ice bucket challenge activities closely with dozens of words can be said clearly, which means to planned WeChat marketing activities, the content must be simple, the summary of the contents can not be more than 40 words, the main content and activities can not exceed 500 words. Preferably around 300 words is appropriate. In addition, the title of WeChat activities can not be too long, within 15 words is very appropriate, but also to the essence of the activities to be reflected in the title. Only in this way can the user be able to see the theme of the event, so as to attract users to open the specific content and active participation.


second, WeChat set activity links to the attention of the following requirements: first, as far as possible to expand the user community participation, ice bucket challenge user groups basically no restrictions, to the nobles, small pingming people are able to participate, if you do not want to donate money, only need to use ice water. Yourself, if a rich man can cast yourself, on the other hand can also donate some money won a good reputation, so no user limit is the best program of activities. And then set up links do not too much, so as to enhance the enthusiasm of users involved. Ice bucket challenge is named, or from the pouring through donations and constitute three aspects named, so simple. The last is interesting and stimulating activities, self pouring ice bucket this link itself is quite exciting, but many users are willing to them. So WeChat activities also need to reflect the very strong interest and excitement.

third, flexible use of gift strategy. Generally speaking, an achievement of a campaign and very good, then you should get the appropriate gift, and these gifts must be a gimmick or marketing their core products. Can not simply send some apple products, >

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