s it important for the smart people in the team to be more important

recommended reason: a good team brings value is immeasurable, in the team, what’s more important? Talents team culture or the incentive mechanism??? As the world’s second largest market capitalization company, a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google on the issue of research results is worth a look. The content of this article by IDG capital (WeChat ID:idg_capital) authorized I dark horse release.

what makes a successful team

on this issue, NYTimes earlier in the study results have been reported in detail Google.

first look at the problem, your intuition may be: This is related to the composition of members. For example, the proportion of engineers and non engineers in the team, or the proportion of middle and senior leaders and young people, but Google did not get a positive conclusion when examining the correlation.

in the code named "Aristotle" project, the researchers surveyed 180 Google global team, visited 200 times, collect a lot of data, and then found that the members of the personality type / professional skills / personal background of the overall performance of the team had no significant effect. That is to say, "who are the TA" this factor does not seem so important.

also found that successful teams on a project tend to be more successful in other projects. On the contrary, the failure of a project team is likely to become a thorough loser.

what does a successful team win?


answer is that the norms (team), that is, members of the entire team how to behave, how to run & collaboration reached a consensus, which is more important than the composition of members.

The biggest difference between

and a "good team" and "bad team" is how to treat each other. Good team norms, can enhance the team’s collective wisdom; on the contrary, flawed team norms will destroy the team, even if all the members are extremely good.

but the answer is not enough, we need to know what kind of team norms is more valuable.

First of all,

is a relatively equal, democratic dialogue mechanism, that is, each member of the team has little difference in the right to speak.

secondly, the excellent team has a relatively high social sensitivity (average social) (sensitivity). They can feel the feelings of each other correctly from the tone of voice, expression, and nonverbal signals. Simply put, that is, reading people, high Eq.

The following figure in

is more direct to point out five of the outstanding teams

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