Webmaster talk about A5 in the role of soft hair

now, the webmaster have been used to write some soft Wen sent to A5, for their site propaganda. Including my amateur webmaster also wrote a few soft Wen sent to A5. The webmaster, boasting it, not to the point is, those who have real curry favour by claptrap, in his relaxation skills out of those who have, of course, the ultimate purpose of the feeble webmaster is to publicize his website, waiting for the site collection of A5 and A5 related data to your own website bring a large number of the chain.

I’m no exception.


25 this month, I wrote an article on "stationmaster: how to make a part-time webmaster fare", issued after the audit, my article on the front page of A5.

1 to promote and webmaster friends to learn from each other to promote the exchange of

I left my QQ number, in the result, the day had more than and 10 a net friend add my QQ, QQ friends in the application of the information, most of the "GG communication", "beginners", I have also talked with friends, and a few people for a long time, I from there they learned a lot of website promotion, GG, increase the unit price is very practical experience.

2 to promote search engine revenue

is my new station No. 21 just on the line, not submitted to a search engine, do not Links, only in the A5 hair article, and leave the site, the result, that night I site Baidu included, is really fast, much faster than Baidu and Links as submitted.

3 attracted a lot of real IP traffic

the article of the hair soft in the evening, I see me into the flow statistics, the railway station, found that the direct input site over more than and 150 IP, why concluded that the 150ip is from A5, because the new station, didn’t tell anyone, only in the soft the A5 hair left behind. That is carrying the direct input site, so that is the A5. And only more than and 150 from Baidu, 3IP from the A5 over the IP, just a new site on the line is very good.

summary, in the A5 soft text on their website development is still very good, especially some quality, more practical article.

written writing network station feeds, http://s.xiehaole.com

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