Grassroots sharing network marketing twelve word Proverbs

network marketing as a product of a new period of rapid development, it is beyond many people expected and imagination, its huge profit margins still see people jealous, so constantly aroused more and more entrepreneurs investment interest, determined to participate in online business force. Network marketing is becoming the most important part in the whole process, so the marketing direction, correctness and creativity are virtually affect the entire business plan, how to grasp the decisive factors that control the key point is to receive the ideal effect of the best.

said this, there must be someone to ask what is the best ideal effect of network marketing, to explain the best ideal effect, is to achieve unlimited amplification may by means of network marketing, is living the maximum profit value. You want to get the best effect, you need to do what the early efforts and later aided? This is the focus today, is summed up in the first net, after fishing, maintenance and expansion." This simple twelve words on the whole network of ideas and methods, but also contains a new marketing thinking.

net. The reason is very simple, that is, through marketing tools to promote the information out, the simple point is that people are aware of your marketing information content. What is worth noting? Against all know, fishermen in the net will survey is to determine the place where there is no fish, or is analyzed according to their fishing experience, finally selected the appropriate location in the net. Then look back now some marketers, even small ads, also being the stinkeye guerrilla. Why is it that many marketers wrong understanding, marketing is to promote, that is, leaflets, do broadcast propaganda, regardless of the echo, as long as the information came out even if the purpose of reaching. Do not say marketing skills for the time being, even if you do not have a leak in the propaganda, but this is not the purpose, you are in the network marketing sweep street, then what is the purpose?.

after fishing fish. Catch fish, harvest, when many marketers think that to achieve the desired results, it is good, through their vision and experience, hard to harvest, can be said to be made full of Feng win, this is not the ultimate goal, then what is the ultimate purpose of this? The time for the vast majority of marketers to mission has been completed, even if there is a service, also is useless, the money is to earn their own pocket. This is the network marketing idea is not mature, the fishermen know a moratorium, catch fish in the process, also have only a big fish, the fish will be released. Although the release did not exist in marketing, but the reason is the same, the network marketing in size fits all circumstances, it is necessary to establish a sustainable development strategy. Need to think about what is behind this harvest, this is not the biggest fish, will not attract greater, or more fish. Always, is to put a long line to catch a big fish, cultivate long-term vision. >

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