Baby center SupeSite X Space Discuz Build information aggregation station

More and more

, X-Space and SupeSite began to use the webmaster Discuz! Build a content aggregation site, it can mobilize various resources, all kinds of high-quality content selection to the website, to attract users click. Baby Center ( is a typical SupeSite+X-Space+Discuz.

baby center is a pregnant mother and 0 to 6 years old baby parents pregnant and parenting information website, is the first to meet the parents of newborns and pregnant women through Internet information needs of the website, the baby center parent company was established in 1997 in San Francisco City, also in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Sweden, India Austria, Germany and Spain, a sub station, where is the China station.

baby in the center Chinese station, can see the integrated SupeSite release background information, X-Space and Discuz in the original blog, outstanding content forum. Among them, the first column of the page arrangement this week, the editor recommended the equivalent of news and thematic planning content, can be edited in the SupeSite release.



The content of

interactive space is generated by the high quality blog content in X-Space.



the bottom of the site is community forum hot Posts content recommendation, by the moderator forum zhidingtie, click on the high.



on the Internet like baby center more and more websites, SupeSite, X-Space and Discuz! For a variety of vertical segments of the industry station, local stations, especially Discuz! Forum, various websites become more standard. Discuz, as the world’s largest forum community system, has more than 800 thousand of the world’s users, most of the forums on the Internet are built using the forum program. There is a common CCTV,,, Qianlong, Hunan TV and other large forum; and the laggards, stationmaster net, ideal online, Lenovo, Jinshan, Jiangmin, Kabasiji, Hangzhou, 19 floor, computer 55BBS, Beijing eight through a network of professional websites and portals like large forum; the free forum provider my domain 5D6D (, TOP Zhejiang ( also uses the Discuz program to provide users with services. At present, Discuz officially launched Discuz! Discuz! Brother >

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