Malicious web page online ticket beware beware of phishing

now is the Spring Festival travel rush, train tickets home become popular, online inquiries and transactions are also increasingly popular. In this regard, anti virus professional institutions, 360 security center to remind the majority of Internet users, the train time query and online booking through the network at the same time, we must guard against the opportunity to fish in troubled waters and phishing sites linked to horse "phishing" websites ticketing site.

it is understood that after the Spring Festival to start the pre-sale tickets, netizens started to use a large number of search engines and trips ticket transfer information, the Trojan spread also started brainer.

they constructed class ticket "phishing" websites, the use of "ticket transfer", "trips query" and other popular keyword search engine optimization, when users search for the above words, these malicious sites will appear in search results pages; on the other hand, some ticketing website due to the volume of traffic is greatly increased. At the same time security is not strong, has become the target of hackers, succeeded after the implementation of the "horse".

security experts recommend the general public, in the urgent need to buy tickets at the same time must guard against the above malicious urls.

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