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as of March this year, China’s group buying industry just over 2 years of age. This is two years, group purchase industry burgeoned for two years, two years and get both praise and blame. More and more consumers to accept and fell in love with the group to buy this mode of consumption, but behind the boom, the rapid increase in complaints about the group. This dissonance is eroding the group purchase industry image.

navigation site 800 released the "2011 China group purchase user complaints statistics report" shows: 800 consumer complaints platform total group purchase group purchase website received 11812 complaints have been settled since 6703, complaints unresolved rate still reached 43.3%; at the same time, the more than and 10 tier group purchase website monopoly market nearly 90% share of the average. Complaint resolution rate of 71%, compared with the 2010 level of 85.2%, down 16.6%.

sources said that in the upcoming CCTV 3.15 party to buy as the representative of the electricity supplier industry, will become the party’s protagonist". On March 12th, the relevant departments in charge of group purchase industry and business representatives also held a "promote a network group purchase service level forum", the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration for Industry and commerce, China Consumer Association, Beijing Electronic Commerce Association, China consumers, Wo Wo Group responsible person to attend the meeting. Yang Hongfeng, deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and commerce market supervision and management department, said at the meeting, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce will soon be introduced in order to buy the industry documents".

Yang Hongfeng, deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce

market supervision and management: the establishment of a network of commodity trading regulatory platform

has held a teleconference before the country, to carry out special action against consumer rights violations. Fight against the law, but also to promote the purchase contract model text. In fact, the problem is indeed a lot of buy a contract, one of the terms of overlord, but also involves a wide range of contracts, buy the site and the operator of the contract, and consumer contracts. I think these two aspects of the contract should be good, this is the problem of contract management.

buy a few problems for the industry, may be over one or two days, we will send a document, specifically for the group buying behavior.

shopping network in the aspect of supervision, the State Administration for Industry and commerce is the establishment of monitoring platform for commodity trading network, virtual economy can not rely on the defense, we must use the means of information, now has six monitoring platform, initially completed this year. A vertical search system, including the subject, behavior, object, and management platform, cooperative interaction, earnings management, operator complaints platform, this year can be gradually set up, to strengthen the management of network operators using this means, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and business operators.

Wu Dongping, director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce

market supervision and management department: buy site should be more than the local 12315 contact

is actually a lot of businesses

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