nternet Weekly not reliable website into a hodgepodge

      recently, "Internet Weekly" and the world’s leading network service provider Gomez jointly launched China’s popular website user experience rankings". The list mainly surveys three data: response time, reliability and stability. This is the first time for the user experience of the site to do the survey, but I think the survey, a lot of problems:

      1 sites between the lack of comparability, all sites with fair market cluttered together. Search engines, portals, professional websites, music sites and video sites are all put together, lacking the minimum classification. I wonder if there are only a few links to the search engine and up to 10 pages of the portal, what is comparable? Two pages of the site is certainly not the same speed. Video sites and text messages on the web site together, one is the video and the other is the text, which is comparable. As the video sharing website even-even network actually discharged into the "between sina.com.cn" and "Zhongguancun online". I suggest that all sites will be refined, there is some significance in the rankings.

      2 indicators lack of rationality. The user’s goal is to investigate the user experience, the investigation and evaluation of the three data are related to speed stability, data acquisition is obtained through computer testing. But I believe that the user experience can not be obtained through a simple machine, such as the beauty of the screen, the user opens the page comfort, are not able to get through the machine test. Take me for example in the same network, each big video website, only even-even web page without simply copying the YouTube and tudou.com, both the appearance of the page, the richness are well above the other video website. But these are not reflected in the report.

      networking weekly in the survey also admitted that the survey is not enough refinement will be adjusted after the month". I think, as a hodgepodge of general ranking is the lack of practical significance, and the evaluation index is too simple, also let the lack of credibility. Look, this report is not reliable internet weekly.

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