Amoy point sorry spent 5 billion did not hit a now

in 2010, when he was president of Taobao Lu Zhaoxi (ALI group’s former CEO) proposed the idea of Taobao’s own business – horse racing program. Amoy little was born in this plan.

in the domestic O2O market is still the night time, Amoy little have set way; but the 5 billion sell out, such as tide, only to find himself in the nude.

gas field consistency is really important, so is between people and people, companies and business as well.

Ali O2O strategy 1.0

said Amoy little, will have to mention word of mouth network.

June 2004, Ali employees Li Zhiguo quit the creation of word of mouth network.

2 years later, the Alibaba injected word of mouth, which is the first injection of Alibaba outside its group of companies, but also to promote the concept of e-commerce initiated by Alibaba began to enter the field of people’s daily lives. Word of mouth network transition to consumer information website, similar to today’s 58 city and ganji.


July 2008, word of mouth network was incorporated into YAHOO China, Ali tried to take advantage of YAHOO China’s resources into the local life services market. This may be the 1 version of Ali O2O strategy enlightenment.

, however, after the integration of the word of mouth network performance is disappointing, constantly adjust the outlook is still unknown. 2009 word of mouth network and the transfer of Taobao, Taobao is still no improvement in the flow of traffic, and then into silence.

from bottom to top "horse race proposal"

in the racing program, all the staff proposal after the approval of the project, Ali will provide personnel, capital, space and resources to support. This attracted nearly a thousand ordinary employees into the horse into great enthusiasm. At the end of 2012, there are a handful of teams, has been planning a change in Ali’s event".

at the beginning of each year, Ma will hold a strategic communication with the company’s management, M5 (Senior Director) above the level of staff to participate in. At the meeting, we will discuss the direction of the group’s business in the year, if there are any new ideas, you can at this time with Ma personally proposal.

on the communication conference in early 2013, Ma first heard of the O2O entrepreneurial plan.

announced the first O2O program is divided into three parts:

1 Taobao City: Merchants online shop, Taobao will help businesses achieve online payment and related marketing services;

2 Taobao points: users can achieve online ordering and payment;

3 a shopping mall: help users find, record and share consumer information.

"money and people, you want to"

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