360 from the media platform the 360 encyclopedia exposure has a number of accounts settled

June 28th news, Tencent science and technology, 360 from the media platform, the 360 Encyclopedia has been on-line today. The platform will be through the search engine micro-blog and WeChat public platform to grab the content, and the content will be aggregated in 360 search, navigation and other key pages to promote.

in addition to direct crawl, 360 is a lot of people from the media to establish contact, want to be authorized or even an exclusive license, the 360 commitment once the cooperation will focus on the page to promote cooperation from the media account. There are already a number of media accounts settled.


, however, the current 360 has been included in a variety of media from the search search, after the media platform version will be on the line after two weeks. Reportedly after three weeks, since the media included free form APP.

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