Aunt help B round of financing at home and abroad aunt company to catch up with this wave of home O


tiger sniffing note: October 24th news, domestic O2O company founder aunt help Wan Yong revealed that Aunt help has completed B round of tens of millions of dollars in financing, by Cheung Fung investment partners, along for the fund and the sources of venture capital investment, along for the fund is the angel round and A round of investment. At the beginning of this year to the domestic hot O2O is catching food O2O potential, but with the fall of domestic side, to a certain extent brought haze to the rapid development of the industry, aunt to help the second round of financing for domestic O2O industry will bring new atmosphere? O2O the development of domestic and foreign political situation is what? On behalf of the enterprise? Comprehensive reports of the tiger sniffing technology of NetEase, goods transit network, to sort out clearly.


helped get millions of dollars in A round of financing in December last year. After the B round of financing, aunt help plan to accelerate the line of domestic service online expansion, the future made the whole category of home economics services. The business involves daily cleaning, cleaning, new areas, dry clothing, footwear and other toiletries, users can directly log on APP or help aunt aunt help "aunt".

it is understood that at this stage to help aunt in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu three cities to carry out the service, the number of more than 3400 aunt, Beijing daily orders about more than 1 thousand and 600 single. Aunt side revealed that at this stage is still in the scale of expansion, not eager to profit.

and other domestic domestic O2O’s play is not the same, aunt help through recruitment, training professional housekeeping "aunt", unified etiquette, uniform dress, uniform tools, unified process to service users, and then through the user evaluation system and returning the system to guarantee and improve the quality of service.

aunt to help the founding team basically from 360, eLong and other Internet companies, founder Yong Yong served as the head of the project for the 360 browser.

Several models of

domestic O2O

from the beginning of this year, home O2O has become another area after the hot food O2O. Mobile Internet is accelerating the line of domestic business online. According to the conclusion of the author, Peng Chengjing, in addition to Aunt help, the current domestic O2O on behalf of the domestic enterprises have these:


95081 was founded in 2004, the site on the line in 2006, the development of nearly 10 years, is currently the leading domestic vertical platform. December 2012 on-line APP, officially defined the +APP+WEB model of the store O2O platform strategy. Goods transit network to 95081, the country currently has 38 points (a) company, more than 2 thousand franchised outlets, with nearly 10 lines in Beijing store experience, mainly used for recruitment and the role Menlian, and have a professional housekeeping service training institutions, for the next line store delivery and housekeeping regular training refers to.

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