CCTV will be launched after the BT website to clean up China’s network television

, according to reports, the industry has long been concerned, China network television ( will be a grand debut in December 28th.

earlier this month, SARFT crackdown BT website, has now closed almost. Several major video sites, cool 6 network has announced the full removal of the contents of the video without copyright. Starting in January next year, SARFT will also launch the largest efforts to rectify the video site. Network video industry bigwigs are considering how to deal with this national competition.

BT site off, the video site back, the stage has been cleaned, and now, the national team of Internet TV – China Network TV to.

CCTV network upgrade version

according to the first financial daily news, the newspaper reporter saw in the invitation, CCTV network will be held next Monday (December 28th), China network television launch ceremony". In a material, positioning Chinese television network: integrated network video after the state approved the establishment of the public platform, is a three-dimensional interactive audio-visual communication platform as the core, financial network characteristics and the characteristics of television in one of the globalization, multi lingual, multi terminal.

According to news website, the domain name is at the beginning of the month there have been reports that had a test the nature of the domain name is, after a brief opening closed in December 4th. From the page screenshots, CCTV this channel page is very rough. You can see the "national network TV news," the words, the main page to the video window. After the link is closed to the CCTV website home page.

Tencent also quoted CCTV network insiders said that the current CCTV.COM will be upgraded to the day of the revision of China’s network television. China Network TV domain name is actually, in December 28th the same day the site will be upgraded to the form of Chinese television network tv. In addition to, the CCTV network will also launch a new independent domain name, the contents of two web site synchronization, mainly based on"

reporter found that now visit directly to the CCTV network.

first broadcast CCTV program

general counsel Zhao Lifan told the media briefing, national network TV station is the first step, namely "network bundling" — the CCTV 20 channels to achieve full real-time webcast, and add on demand, search, download and comment function. Thus, the national network television can provide an average of 750 hours a day mass program.

next month began to rectify the licensed video site

according to NetEase news, following the great efforts to rectify the BT download, SARFT will begin in January 2010 to rectify the video site, the focus will be on the acquisition of audio and video license plate video site. Sources said the net >

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