166 thousand Taiwan broiler computer network attacks against South Korea

is a fierce offensive hacker network began let Korea visited flood be taken by surprise, the destroyed many South Korean websites.

I often go to the South Korean portal Naver, but from the beginning of the afternoon, the site’s e-mail service, how can not log on." Samsung, a South Korean employees to the CBN reporter recalled the afternoon of 7 scenarios, then thought it was just a common fault, I did not expect it was just the first wave of hacker attacks.

so far, South Korea has suffered three large-scale cyber attacks, most of the government websites, major Internet portals and media sites have been paralyzed by the attack.

at the same time, according to U.S. media reports, hackers also attacked the financial institutions including the New York stock exchange, Nasdaq stock market, Bank of america.

until 12 on the evening of 7, South Korea’s national intelligence service before the attack on the network attack warning signal from the attention to the attention of the".

"cyber attack is actually over. The amount of traffic returned to normal levels, has not yet found the malicious code hidden in other attacks." South Korea’s Information Protection Committee of the revitalization of the people finally relieved.

but the search of the attacks behind the work has just begun.

South Korea’s national intelligence service at the beginning of the spearhead of North Korea, that the development of the attack and the use of malicious code to spread the source of the Korean people’s armed forces under the Ministry of Research Institute 110".

and more people are skeptical about the hasty conclusion. Yesterday, South Korea information protection and revitalization committee, said the Vietnamese network security incident emergency team informed the agency the same day, said the spread of malicious code IP is located in the United kingdom.

source is so whirling.

160 thousand computers war

from 7 pm at the beginning of 6, the South Korean presidential office, Congress and the Department of defense and other major government agencies and portal website, Naver, Shinhan bank financial institutions and foreign exchange bank, the main media "Korean Daily" website appeared unable to access or access speed is very slow and other conditions.

among them, the presidential palace Chong Wa Dae and the big national party website completely paralyzed for more than 4 hours. The United States also appeared in a similar situation, a number of government and financial institutions website 4 to 7, repeatedly attacked. But the situation is not as serious as South korea.

in fact, from the beginning of 7, the problem is that a large number of unidentified Internet users at the same time the influx of various Korean Web site, resulting in a large number of web servers in the case of excessive collapse and collapse.

second attack climax appeared in the morning of 8 at the time of the day, the South Korean presidential palace Chong Wa Dae, Congress, the Ministry of defense and other parts of the government website can no longer connect to the. And Naver and other sites to return to normal.

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