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just 4 years, relying on the iOS system platform, the formation of a huge apple business ecosystem – the application of the third party reached about 600 thousand. In this ecological chain, "parasitic" tens of millions of developers. Although Apple paid $5 billion into them, but the ecological chain began showing more and more biological attributes: with Apple’s market share growth rate than the growth in the use of the third party, many applications started a fight at outrance competition, tough competition for limited living space; on the other hand, with the iOS system the function of an important upgrade, more and more applications are apple eliminated. On this platform, it seems difficult to have the final winner. Is to say goodbye to apple, or stick to the position, hard to survive, this is the choice facing millions of developers.

apple iOS ecosystem: who invaded who

Li Na

[Apple cut into the application market, will destroy the newly established ecological environment. This continues for application developers and developers will become Apple’s touchstone and mice, once the application market apple is involved in the case, how do developers and]


at the end of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced the iOS 6 system will provide a new application – Passbook (electronic purses), this is a can store boarding card, membership card and ticket tools. Using Passbook, iPhone and iPod Touch users can bar code on the screen, check in boarding, watching movies or exchange coupons. The introduction of this service is interpreted as the industry’s apple officially involved in the field of electronic payments.

when Apple’s senior vice president in charge of iOS business Scott · introduced new features on iOS 6 on the stage, not all people reveal his eyes look forward to.

The new features of

iOS 6 have caused dissatisfaction with some companies and developers. "There’s a lot of complaints in the crowd, and they suddenly realize they don’t exist anymore." Domestic one engaged in the application of LBS coupon project developer Wang Meng (a pseudonym) on the first financial daily said, Passbook application makes him feel his company prospects.


iOS 6 launched a new application of iPhone in operation, some standing applications may become history. Developers are worried: in the platform offensive, third party software go from here?

Apple Developer


‘s WWDC in the last scene, Arment shouted foul on Twitter, it is because he found that Apple’s iOS 5, increase in Safari Reading List Insta pap> functions and their development

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