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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network May 4th news, Chinese online travel market is raging like a storm. Ctrip strategic investment in cash with the way network, involving an amount of more than $200 million to become its second largest shareholder, accounting for approximately $30%. The other Ctrip way cattle deal would be completed in the way cattle IPO issue price of the acquisition of the way cattle worth $15 million (90 million 800 thousand yuan) shares. Ctrip continuous investment distance online travel market dominance and a step closer.

According to iResearch

2014 China online travel vacation Market Research Report shows that in 2013 China’s online travel market transactions amounted to 218 billion 120 million yuan, the growth rate of 27.7%. IResearch consulting is expected in 2017, the online travel market transaction size will reach 478 billion 230 million yuan, more than doubled in 2013. In the face of great potential, but the fierce competition in the online travel market, the parties had to step up to grab their own board. The same way network CEO Wu Zhixiang once said, "we have felt the brutal competition, the second zero Internet field, especially in the mobile Internet era, you can either be the first or the first segment, or you disappear."

Ctrip previously announced 2013 earnings, Ctrip last year’s revenue of 5 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of 30%, net profit of $998 million, an increase of 40%. This set of data means that although the online travel market in last year’s brutal price war fighting, but industry leaders are still able to maintain strong growth, because the market space is still huge, the data show that the current domestic online travel penetration is still less than 10%.

previously, the pattern of domestic OTA Ctrip, the same way, eLong, where the competition between the three agents and where the network platform. Analysts believe that after the continuous investment in Ctrip, market concentration is more close to Ctrip, the same way elong is isolated and helpless.


for the action of continuous investment, iResearch analyst Wang Tingting believes that Ctrip can invest to expand their territory, to ensure the absolute leader in each business advantage. One of the leading process in leisure travel, tickets, in the way cattle travel with the group on the lead, is the driving force of Ctrip investment. If Ctrip own RE development, need to spend a lot of price, including a large amount of manpower, material resources, not as good as direct investment.

at present, led by the Ctrip, the same way and the way cattle a representative south, the other side is to go and elong as the representative of the northern forces. However, in the current background, the north and South opposite forces are apparently evolved into the South and the North has been unified, has fallen into a state of emergency.

is undoubtedly the most embarrassing situation where to go. As the only company has the opportunity and challenge of Ctrip, where has been actively involved in the price war, the adjustment of the organizational structure, strengthen the TTS, large-scale signing Hotel, the layout of the wireless, listed in November last year that the surrender of almost perfect results, on the first day shares soared.

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