Mafengwo founder Chen Gang readme tourism community 4 years accumulated 50 million users

mafengwo was founded in 2006 by Lv Gang and Chen Gang, from 2010 officially began operations in 4 years has accumulated about 50000000 users, launched 6 APP, of which about 40000000 from the mobile terminal.

At present,

A, B mafengwo received a total of two rounds of financing, 2011 today to get $5 million A round of financing capital and $2 million interest free loans; April 2013 completed $15 million B round of financing, Qiming venture capital investment led, with investment capital today.

Chen Gang said, the core is the ant cellular travel raiders. By the end of the community in the massive user UGC data, the formation of tourism Raiders, and then through structured data to help users achieve travel on the way of consumer decision-making. At present, mafengwo more than half of the employees are technical staff, Chen Gang believes that mafengwo is more of a technology and product company.

How to

in 4 years has accumulated about 50000000 users? In the community commercial path, mafengwo what to think and try? And what is not the same way? This I horse had an exclusive interview with mafengwo founder Chen Gang.


The following

for mafengwo founder Chen Gang: oral

starting from the interest: to do a small community of travel

mafengwo founded in 2006. In fact, in the early days, we used to find a destination for a great photo. Remember when I saw a camera ads, particularly good, there is a photo is packed full of small houses, but gives no indication of what the place, I check the information on the Internet, later found – it was a valley in Western sichuan. We went to the place and took a lot of photos.

we were such a play, Friday to work to the train station, within a radius of one thousand kilometers to find a place to spend the weekend, Monday morning back to work in Beijing, especially love to play. Because of love, so we have to shoot a lot of photos, friends want to see our share, we think other website experience are not good at the time, but not for us, so we according to their own interests to do so a little sharing site. Friends around to see, but also to share their photos and experience in it.

because I was in the Internet Co with Lv Gang, it is easy to do this thing, every line of code is our own. I partial product technology, he partial business.

at that time we on a server, a year can not update the site code, thanks to word of mouth, what is not. If the broken server failed, there would be no today the mafengwo.

before March 2010, we have about one hundred thousand users, the site to do before a minimalist, there are a large number of blank, there is no energy to do art, design, just as his own interest in slowly business, every penny.

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