The library website looking for profit model rely on low cost access to market space

relative to the low electricity supplier books and e-books, borrowing from the birth of the website that day, it is bound to rely only on the lower price of the marketing model is even free to borrow to seek market space. However, to do so to bring pressure on the survival of the library website, has not found a suitable profit model, is the biggest problem they face.

caught the tenacious growth of

qingfanqie founder Zhang Lijuan told reporters "IT times", "green tomatoes to borrow and to pick up the book to send books are free, we have a romantic mind, hope everyone can enjoy the pleasure of reading. But in fact, human resources, warehousing, logistics and purchasing cost, it was difficult for us." Only the green tomatoes currently the number of more than 50 kinds of books, the book would cost millions of dollars, not including inventory, logistics and manpower cost. Wendy library net and net book adopts a membership system, to pay 59 yuan in Wendy per year, 3 times can borrow two books at a time; and the net book price is more expensive, a quarter of 80 yuan, 3 times can borrow three books at a time. However, the membership fee is still not enough to pay the cost of an utterly inadequate measure. They all look at the advertising market and the enterprise library market.

lack of domestic enterprise library, the headquarters of large companies tend to build the library is very large, but due to geographical separation, the branch can not be shared, but to repeat the construction. Or because the book type is too narrow, the update speed is too slow, the lack of professional management personnel, even into the tens of millions or even millions, the effect is not ideal, resulting in a waste of resources. The book site is a regular replacement of books for the enterprise, from a professional point of view to help enterprises manage the library, companies pay an annual fee. Working with advertisers is another major gain. For example, the book will write "your free reading this is provided by a certain", in order to achieve the purpose of advertising.

, however, it is not enough to rely solely on these earnings. Wen Di and green tomatoes have said that is still in a loss, and strive to achieve profitability by the end of this year. They want to be in the market is not yet mature, as far as possible to make the platform bigger, it’s a bit like the initial electricity supplier and buy site. The problem is that the number of truly loyal users, the reporter found in the survey, many people do not have a cold on the web site.

hopes to complement the advantages of traditional libraries

library website is also facing the impact from the traditional library. For tens of millions of books in the library, the library is only a few hundred thousand copies of the site does not have much advantage, they can only start from the market segments. We will often buy some of the library has not been included in the latest novel, economic books and other best-selling books, and the audience is mainly targeted at white-collar workers, students, etc.. Too expensive to buy their own, the library can not borrow books, is our main breakthrough." Zhang Lijuan said that the competition between the library website and traditional library or bookstore is not less, but as a whole, "we are all in the promotion.

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