Ali mother full of blood to return to self built Ad Exchange ecosystem

was discontinued from the brand name, to five years after Taobao opened three online advertising product line, complete the magnificent transformation, Ali mother the resurrection full of blood, not only the traditional advertising sales of cheese, also represents an advertising industry innovation.



network operators in the world by Zhou Lin


(Ali mother division display advertising and Tanx product director Huang Hangfei)

this looks like a reincarnation: in 2007, Ali’s mother dreamed of doing an open full network ad free exchange, open up buyers and sellers of trade barriers. A year later, this dream stranded, Ali mother brand name has been disabled, team focus scouring the advertising market; but in the 5 years after 2012, the brand has a strong return, set up an online advertising market in Amoy Amoy outside of the and three major product lines, the whole network advertisement free exchange dreams come true.

"in the beginning we do not know what to do, does not make full use of the resources at hand, but after a setback, Taobao began to take the opportunity to enlarge, and then the ability to release out." From the first day of the formation of the team, Ali Mama division display advertising and Tanx product director Huang Hangfei has been thinking about Ali mother way, 5 years down, he had to stumble as a turning point.

Advertising products ideas

five year veteran achievement of Alibaba, is the rapid development of new RTB in the context of a solid foundation.

perfect idea: advertising is commodity

is consistent with the large number of Alibaba projects, Ali mother set sail, also due to the judgment of Alibaba CEO ma. In April 2007, Ma has made in-house advertising is a indispensable part of electronic commerce, use Taobao’s thinking, he intended to build a free exchange of online advertising, advertising for like merchandise circulation up, is also "advertising goods".

and referred to online circulation, which is the best thing to do Taobao, providing a platform for people to buy and sell the free trade, Ali ad started to learn from this idea. Prior to this, whether it is online or offline, the advertising market is a typical feature: dominated by large media or advertising agents, the market is strong, cumbersome and opaque trading links. Mom is hoping to break the monopoly, hope that through the trading platform, let you easily select desired advertising, and with reference to Taobao’s evaluation system, build a set of advertising platform evaluation system, to achieve open and transparent transactions.

at the end of April 2007, Ali mother began to build the project team. Prior to this, although there are a number of Alibaba advertising revenue, but there is no technical content of the low-end form, the understanding of advertising is not deep. At this new collar >

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