Cheng Lingfeng new species MO step between Tencent and Ali

technology Indoorsman a telecom background is to build an enterprise AppStore. In fact, Wang Zhidong, Ali software and Tencent have more opportunities but not on this road.



Cheng Ling Feng

IMO is a unique company. It takes the enterprise user as the breakthrough in the QQ domain root growth. It is because of the enterprise as the entrance so it is impossible to make money in the QQ routines, but also because the enterprise as the entrance so to cut the cake of Alibaba.

for the general view of the Internet is the territory of the Tencent to live in charge of people to people; Ali circle to the enterprise to the enterprise charges. But the world is not quite distinct from each other but merging. IMO expect to circle the enterprise, to the enterprise and business people at the same time charges. IMO know you will realize a blind spot of Tencent and Alibaba big two: Tencent only around one side of the people, and Ali always spinning in the enterprise internal surface, not deep.

words are divided into two ends. Let’s talk about the thing itself, and why the guy did it.

Normandy landing


still have a chance in the IM domain of QQ? IMO is indeed becoming a force in this field. However, we must first sort out the QQ to figure out why IMO exists.

when the tide swept through the SOCIAL, who owns the chain of relationships who have the power to shuffle. The most direct manifestation of China’s Internet users are two IM products: QQ and MSN. QQ fed Qzone, friends of the network of these two belong to the social network of Tencent, and everyone, happy, Sina’s rise indirectly rely on the MSN of the chain. You will also find that everyone, happy and Sina micro-blog and MSN basic coverage of the same person: a second tier city white-collar workers and college students. They are the main population of MSN, can quickly ferment a social product. MSN has always been a pain in the heart of QQ, it gave birth to generations of rival.

mobile phone address book is another strong chain of relationships, but unfortunately, the pre emptive meter chat did not carry over the attack Tencent. Micro credit mobile phone address book +QQ friends recorded two links a few months to tear down only rely on the phone address book meter chat. WeChat exclusive. And MSN seems to have disappeared forever on the phone. The MSN attached to the body of sina micro-blog, everyone and happy seems to have lost the time window with WeChat contest. Now the relationship between white-collar groups are in the hands of Tencent.

fortunately, 33 year old Qiao Yuemeng has a different point of view, it believes that the Chinese people’s relationship chain there is another way and another position. QQ is the main chain of life, it takes a long time to accumulate, users generally more than and 10 years of social relations in the long years of a link to QQ and WeChat. Any need for a long time to accumulate the chain of products will be fierce hunting Tencent, such as rice chat. But there is a chain is fixed, can be imported at any time

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