Beijing was the first online fraud into regulatory signals

Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce Haidian branch on the weekend to investigate the sale of counterfeit LV, Dunhill and other brands of nearly 10 kinds of online sellers, due to the huge amount involved, the store owner has been handed over to the public security organs investigation. In the city of Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau last year the introduction of online license and disclose the relevant information to combat online selling is one of the main tasks of this year, Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau first online counterfeiting may become a signal network supervision "action".

it is understood that the shop has been investigated Champs Elysees specifically sold in Taobao LV, Dunhill, GUCII and other world-renowned brands of clothing, purses and other commodities, the price is generally in the tens of dollars to several hundred dollars. According to the business staff, in the shop page, most of the goods are marked with "genuine", "original authentic" and "genuine smuggled goods" and other words, but these brands of genuine prices in thousands of dollars or even million, can not be so cheap. After the identification of the various brands, determined that these goods are fake.

is the "Champs Elysees" and selling behavior, is only the current online shopping market is a microcosm of the business. Buyers and sellers of fake "understanding" is the online selling exists a fundamental reason. Reporters learned by communicating with a number of online sellers, fake selling fake shop is a ubiquitous phenomenon. In the Taobao online, everywhere marked genuine words "80 yuan Adidas shoes, 25 yuan L’OREAL emulsion and other commodities, including many businesses to" fake "two words unspeakable, but do not deny that" high imitation goods". A seller selling the brand IT accessories, told reporters, 20 yuan where to buy genuine SONY headphones, high imitation is false". As consumers are accustomed to online selling phenomenon, and even some people look to buy fake online. The same NIKE basketball shoes, shops selling 1250 yuan, while online as long as $185, a consumer told reporters, I certainly know is false, less than 200 yuan can not buy the real price."

face online "rampage" fakes, how to strengthen the supervision and management departments at all levels to consider the problem, relevant departments have also introduced a variety of related license, tax, license information, specification and dozens of standard or draft, but in the end how to hold "to wait" or "implementation difficulties" in the end.


electronic commerce website said that the supervision of "fake" is not a simple matter. Yesterday, said, after receiving the notice will have "Champs Elysees" closed shop, but at the same time that the "fake" on the site is too difficult. Taobao relevant person in charge told reporters that there are more than 100 million kinds of goods on the line every day, it is difficult to supervise; and the site does not have the right to supervise, can not be identified genuine goods. It is understood that the opened report forum ", and through the" price appraisal system at any time under the frame of fake goods suspected; also launched the "315 network" service, but no big changes to the status quo of these goods.

it is understood that although the current rapid development of China’s online shopping market, 5 years to break the >

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