Angel investor Xue Manzi why do invest in Cai Wensheng and Li Xiang

entrepreneurship is not difficult, it is difficult to start before you can do what you want to do.


angel investor Xue Manzi (Sohu IT pictures)

interview / Liao Liwen / Fang Hao

tells a story first. In 1977, and all from the country back to the city’s youth, Xue Manzi face an important mark of life: college entrance examination. If the college entrance examination as a "pioneering", Xue Manzi at "market environment" is this: first, although the majority of the candidates are abandoned for years of school, but high school degree or diploma candidates and only There are plenty of people who, Xue Manzi went first; second, at the time of the examination subjects including math three, while there is no official Xue Manzi learned that.

, however, there was no way out of the Xue Manzi, life plan must be written, the key is how to write. At the time of enrollment is divided into two levels: one is the college entrance examination, there is a postgraduate enrollment. The two enrollment mode are not academic qualifications; the biggest difference is that the former to test physics and chemistry, the latter is not mandatory requirements. This let Xue Manzi found their own "blue ocean": for no "industry access threshold"! However, a problem which is the postgraduate exams although not test math, but competitors will be stronger. "My competitors are 68, 69, 70 years into the countryside, the eldest students. These people in order to get back to the city to obtain a city account, kill the hearts of all! "Xue Manzi said.

a junior high school students how to compete with college students Xue Zi began to position themselves. "This is the first professional applicants must be new, if some of the previous, I must play but others," Xue Manzi said, "then I have to consider your strengths in? Before I love to read two books, one is the Chinese book, a book, that is to say hi like the Liberal Arts, foreign language will be a little."

Xue Manzi finally chose "the history of Sino foreign relations": the professional is not test the math, and a new design, but also can play Xue Manzi that foreign language skills. "In the hands of my competition, the history of learning, English can not speak; learn the language of those who can not read. I have the honor that professional exam the first in the country, with Chinese Academy of social sciences."

years later, as an angel investors Xue man to his own experience as a judge, judge a coordinate system. Every time I see entrepreneurs, he will continue to torture people: what is your core competency? "No way, Chinese too clever, with some tricks too many opportunities, so as an entrepreneur, must be able to think of others do not know what to think clearly," Xue man the son said, "if you want to and 1 billion 300 million compatriots do not think the same, even if there is a killer."

often have entrepreneurs to come to consult Xue Xue, but he is concerned about the

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