A beautiful and poignant love story webmaster

the following is a very beautiful love story

let’s break up,

girl asked, "why?"

The boy said: "

is very simple, but I don’t want to be with you, I want to go to the heart of business website, the website is my all my life; you must not stop to realize his ideal."

asked a lot of girls, but the results are just the same exchange of words: in order to his website, in order to achieve the "there is always a voice can touch you," the public ideal.

girl ran out of tears very far away, the girl learned to smoke and drink, want to use this way to anesthesia themselves. Every girl or not of the boy to send the information, make a phone call, but the result is still silent, the boy did not give a girl back to the information, did not answer a call girl, long day, girls and friends go out to relax, suddenly saw a boy standing in the distance, as if waiting for what, girl mad ran past, the boy suddenly appeared in front of a girl, their hands in the distance on the road, the girl saw this scene can not control his mood, tears ran back to her dormitory, climb in bed cry, girl in a boy had said to her, this life never love another girl, she is the love of his life, but not much time to break up the boy has a new goal, the girl pay really would be denied.

girl or boy, determined to call information, clearly know impossible or insist, can be hurt again and again let the girl really can not stand, a boy and girl appeared in front of her, in her heart, just sad.

girl decided to look for a new life, forget the pain he brought her.

Every girl

disco, smoking, drinking, in addition to shopping, and after a long time…

could not see the familiar figure in the familiar street, and he could not see the boy he had loved and the others in his hand.

a party with friends, she saw her friends in the chat they secretly went to scare them, but who knows they are discussing him, his former boyfriend, intended to walk away, but I still can not help but know his news, stood. They said he died of a terminal illness a week ago,

when she heard the news is like a bolt from the blue, as if in extreme grief like tingling in her heart, she just stood there, my mind was full of his shadow, and their situation with the sweet. Her friends see her standing there came and asked her how she, tightly holding the hands of friends, you have just said is really? Really? Friends is really bent back, he was dead in a week ago.

girls roar, you >

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