The first Western e commerce website construction forum successfully held

      October 18, 2007 afternoon, sponsored by the Chengdu changehope Network Technology Co. Ltd., Western Digital Network, the Liaison Office of the West electronic commerce website construction forum and easy to exchange real estate network conference held in Chengdu Millennium Minneapolis. In the afternoon, 13:30 attended the attendance of all the participants, the participants are the main leaders of the Internet and real estate sector from Chengdu. The Alibaba Chengdu branch, Chengdu West Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and Sichuan, Shenzhen Tianfu hotline, online Central Pacific Investment Co. Ltd., Sichuan branch of Xinhua news agency, Sichuan foosun Technology Development Co. Ltd., Chengdu gongruan Network Technology Co., China, Wei Ke Chengdu real estate information network and other 48 companies, nearly 100 people participate in.

      the first Western e-commerce website construction exchange forum mainly to analyze the construction and operation of e-commerce website, real estate website construction and management of the two major themes. The forum is the first Chengdu changehope Network Technology Co. Ltd. Mr. Ni Zhengdong made a keynote speech "and operation" website construction of electronic commerce, Mr. Ni Zhengdong respectively from the five steps of building a web site: identify the direction, to build a platform, enrich the content, website promotion, profit to expounded the establishment of basic steps of website construction and an important link a for-profit business method of e-commerce website. Easy to easy to release software operation manager Zhang Jiakun analysis, real estate network, from the Internet industry status quo and development trend of real estate industry, real estate easy to network technology and functional advantages of such aspects on the release of easy to real estate network. Yuan Qiao, editor in chief of Sichuan online, with a question from a netizen in Guangdong: is there a well-known website in Chengdu? Cause all the friends in the Internet industry thinking. Wang Jialun, founder of the Internet Alliance in Sichuan, Chengdu analysis of the status quo and the development trend of the Internet, the real estate network made a very detailed combat experience sharing. Another important theme of this forum is easy to Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Chengdu West Digital Technology Co. Ltd. officially reached a core space partnership, the combination of Internet Co in Chengdu become a new starting point, this will mean that the strategic alliance, strong combination of new competition pattern has been achieved in the prototype of Chengdu.    



      today’s business development is more focused on cooperation, more emphasis on the alliance, >

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