The sixth session of the Shanghai webmaster brainstorming host summary

Preparation of

striking one snag after another

know it is not the theme, the theme will be afraid of highbrow, no further expansion and. So do some homework in advance. Prepare an outline of the PPT version with three guests and one party in advance. Only in the second edition of the outline of the notebook on the collapse, and after the opening of the 2 days can not. Friday night borrowed someone else’s computer to write a new outline from memory.

I have another party

party on the morning of the party, from the early exit home to get things to the Jingan culture center, met the traffic jam, the driver took the wrong way, I rushed to the scene at the beginning of the meeting. Here on the side and all the staff apologized, did not advance to help arrange the venue, we worked hard.

hosting skills also need to improve


left the campus of the university is no longer had presided over a large industry, the chance to be the host, thanks to a support and cold sake.

feel that I split the theme is not very reasonable, nor is it very much appetite for everyone, so the first half of the atmosphere is not very active, to review.

guests guidance is not in place, so that guests do not have the opportunity to fully show their experience and skills, a serious review.

warm up after the second half of the atmosphere, but I do not have a good grasp of time, resulting in a little overtime this link, and then review.

is a tough thing to do, wearing high heels for 2 hours, after the end of the knee was found to have been bent. Binghan said the last time he presided over, stand waist straight. Fortunately, I am a small P children, can withstand toss. Thank you for your consideration, I immediately find a chair to sit. Also salute repeatedly brainstorming binghan.

guests each bosom stunt

Three guests are actually

the expert in the site operations planning project, project financing, and this one is an old traveller, give them a microphone that everyone can say a few hours.

but the guests with the station’s position and attitude seems a little different, not very sympathetic. It is not the webmaster response to guests is very warm, which makes me very depressed, because this interaction on stage and off it is not good to do, may not have thought of elevator testing, then think about or feel this a bit superfluous link lift test.

Liz to guide the guests are not in place, also lead guests have many words not to say

field expert gathered

started to see all of you do not reflect the warm, thought it was so done, did not expect, many rivers and lakes, or expert.

that husband and wife store impressed me very much, appreciate them, but also admire them

excited network of Mr. Xu met for the second time, the speech is still the same wisdom

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