Which is the key to do the mobile portal or mobile applications

mobile Internet is a big cake, more and more people want to occupy a place in the field of mobile Internet IT. Although many Internet giants to enter the mobile Internet, because in the field of mobile internet marketing is not yet mature, so I think the mobile Internet is still at a critical stage for the entrance of the Internet users in the next ten years. At this stage, how the layout of the mobile Internet, many people choose to do mobile applications, some people think that the mobile site is the key entrance.

is to do a good job of mobile applications or do mobile sites, we look at some of the data given by Google and analysis.

a, data (data sources from Europe and the United States)

1, in the United States, mobile applications and mobile sites have the same coverage


2, data statistics, mobile applications and mobile sites are very similar to the popular content


3, the number of mobile site users more than


4, 1/3 mobile users download mobile applications monthly


5, fierce competition for mobile applications, but also a high degree of participation


two, principle


three, evaluation

if the above two points still can not let you make a decision is to do a mobile site or a mobile application, then you can take into account all aspects of factors, through the evaluation of various factors to determine.

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