Express electric vehicle maximum speed of not more than 15 km endurance of more than 60 km


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express dedicated electric tricycle.

may not be able to send a courier after the car, and must be: the maximum speed of not more than 15 km, the vehicle quality is less than 200 kg, and a charge, mileage is not less than 60 km. Recently, the State Postal Administration issued the national mandatory standard "express special electric tricycle technical requirements" (Draft), and open for comments.

this is China’s first national mandatory standards for the express industry vehicles. According to this standard, a courier company responsible person said, this bicycle speed comparable, affect the distribution limitation. And the company’s 400 courier vehicles at least in terms of endurance is not up to standard. Another large courier company official said, in accordance with this standard, the company’s more than 1 thousand express car, no one can reach the standard.

Wang Yaoqiu, vice president of the Institute of logistics, Beijing Jiaotong University, said that the specification helps regulate the express car, reduce its illegal operations, and reduce the possibility of accidents caused by the courier tricycle.

focus 1

maximum speed should not exceed 15 km

enterprise: speed comparable to bicycle, can not guarantee punctual delivery courier "

draft on the maximum speed, vehicle quality and other technical indicators made a detailed provisions. It is worth noting that the draft stipulates that the maximum speed should not exceed 15 km / h. At the same time, the courier car should not be too fast to start, 4 seconds should not be greater than the start of the acceleration of 5 km / h.

a courier company responsible person to reflect this bicycle speed comparable, affect the distribution limitation. He said that at present, the express car speed of about 30 km, the highest speed in the standard half.

for the speed limit and standard drafting group explained that the courier tricycle in non motorized vehicles, car body with a certain weight, excessive speed not only pose a potential threat to other vehicles, will also bring risks to the safety and security of express courier.

In addition, the drafting group believes that taking into account the safety of other traffic participants, especially in densely populated areas such as residential areas, should not be accelerated when the launch of the express tricycle


but this rate whether it can meet the needs of the courier companies? The courier company official told reporters that this speed can guarantee security, but it is difficult to ensure the "express delivery on time". Originally half an hour delivery time may be extended to 1 hours. "In the delivery of cold chain products a greater impact," he said, "cold chain goods required at noon sent out, if it is too late, the cold chain measures again good also can not meet the demand".

experts believe that the speed limit is the result of all aspects of the game, but at present, the speed of the electric tricycle is much higher than the speed of the road.

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